ITSMF Conference

I just got back from ITSMF Fusion Conference in D.C.

A learned quite a bit and I thought there were several very interesting sessions.

Dana Olson from West Corporation had a good session on implementing Change Management, using WITIL (West ITIL). I thought this was a good use case of adapting ITIL for your particular environment. Some of the terms or concepts may not really work for your culture – she gave the example that a single person having an issue calling the Service Desk gets a “request” to restore the service as opposed to the more ITIL prescribed “incident.”

Andrew White from Nationwide had a brilliant session on Event and Problem Management. His approach to Problem Management was a more thought out, richer, than many approaches I am familiar with. It was more about continuing to ask “why” and “what next” rather than resting on the first likely cause of a problem. I may write down the fairly extensive example he gave later.

Timothy Rogers had a good session on Continual Service Plans. It was really about making CSI its own separate, distinct service, with its own owner, manager, and such. This is opposed to having CSI as maybe just part of whatever process (for instance a part of the responsibilities of the Change Management Owner is to do CSI for change management – this is to say, yes, but also all of CSI should be ‘owned’ and ‘managed’ more centrally). It is also important to note that CS, in his description, was beyond just CSI for ITSM and really running CSI for all services/applications/products being produced/managed/owned by all of IT. The idea here is to then have a single CSI registry that is then prioritized, planned, and then implemented.

Finally, I thought the ‘paid’ speakers were very good and quite inspirational.



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